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Domaine Hatzimichalis uses the Ancient Greek term chora to describe the combination of land - climate, or what the French call terroirThe term was inspired by Theophrastus, a philosopher of the 4th c. BC and student of Aristotle. Theophrastus talks about the special prerequisites for successful viticulture, whereby the winemaker must combine soil, climate and ecosystem. The concept of chora or single vineyard involves the following three factors: .
  1. Soil and subsoil
    • The defining parameters are the ground’s nature, structure and geological composition, its porosity, its pH value, its water balance and the trace elements in it
  2. Climate and microclimate
    • The vineyard’s orientation and hence its exposure to sunlight and wind, temperature, rainfall, etc.
  3. Ecosystem/site 
    • The main parameters here are longitude and latitude, flora and fauna, topography and the environment
The main natural trait of Atalanti's Valley ecosystem and its uniqueness is the cool breezes that flow from Mt Parnassus to the sea and vice-versa, in summer and winter alike. This is the setting for the four blocks of terroirs of Domaine Hatzimichalis: the Old Vineyards, the Lower Vineyards, the Upper Vineyards -all known for centuries as localities and vine-growing sites- and New Vineyards, the terroirs created by Domaine Hatzimichalis. Each of these blocks is divided into individual terroirs, and these in turn into different sections where we systematically cultivate different grape varieties. The diversity of Domaine Hatzimichalis vineyards, allows the creation of a wide collection of authentic wines with distinctive style.

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