Thesaurus 16

Protected Geographical Indication Atalanti Valley

Thesaurus: It originates from the greek word” θησαυρός”, which means treasure.

Retrospection in Magna Grecia - "Big Greece"
The Greek grape varieties and the art of wine making were introduced and spread widely in the mediterranean basin and specifically in the South Regions of Italy and Sicily, also known as “Magna Grecia, during the great Greek colonization (700-500 b.c.). Thirty years ago, Domaine Hatzimichalis repatriated some of these varieties that were transported there from the ancient Greeks, like Verdicchio, Trebbiano, Malvasia, Grecanico, Grechetto, Aglianico, Schioppettino etc., and tested their potential in Atalanti Valley. After a lot of years of systematic study of their characteristics and their perfect adaptation on the vineyards of the Estate, some of them have resulted in marvelous varietal wines with an authentic personality and a unique taste. Thesaurus… this drinking experience!!!

White, dry

Grape varieties: Repatriated varieties from Magna Grecia

Vinification: White vinification with maceration in a controlled temperature of 16°C, separetaly for each variety.

Alcoholic strength: 13,5% Vol

Tasting notes:Bright and light yellow color. A complex aromatic composition with predominant aromas of citrus fruits, mainly lime and grapefruit, with some herbal notes of freshly cut grass and white peach and pear tones. In the mouth we find its aromatic character to be reflected on the taste and balances harmoniously with the acidity. Full and rich body with long and enjoyable aftertaste.

Food pairing – Serving temperature: Ideal companion for salads, pasta or risotto with seafood, poultry with white sauces and medium oiliness fishes.  Enjoy it cold at 8-10 °C.

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