Our Responsibilities

Our responsibilities 
In Domaine Hatzimichalis we believe that the quality of our wines along with our success in the wine world is due to the following three principles:

  •     The assurance of health and safety of our employees
  •     The assurance of health and safety of our wines’ consumers
  •     The protection of the environmen

Τhrough constant quality controls, certification processes and staff training we accomplish these goals  and improve the quality of our wines. More precisely our winery is ISO 22000:2017 and GlobalG.A.P 2016 certified. ISO 22000 is the International Food Safety Management System and GlobalG.A.P. the International Standard for Good Agricultural Practice.

Furthermore, we are making a great effort to manage our waste in an environmental friendly way and to use only recyclable material. Our short-term goal is for our winery to produce zero-waste. As an indication, stalks and grape marc after the press are placed back in the vineyards and are used as fertilisers. As a result, our winery produces zero amount of winemaking waste during the harvest and at the same time the ground that will host the fruits of the next harvest is enriched.

Keeping the standards of our winery as described above, is a challenging task. Atalanti Valley’s natural riches and perfect climate however simplify the process. Frequent rainfalls in the area allow reduced watering of the vineyards throughout the year. This way we consume low amounts of water and energy. Taking about figures, 30% of our vineyards are totally xeric. Frequent rainfalls and big depth of the vine stocks’ root due to their age, are the only sources of water. The water that is required for the rest of our vineyards during the summer, comes solely from drilling and not from the area’s water supply network. The same applies for the winery and the bottling department. Additionally, we apply the drop by drop irrigation technique to achieve the lowest pressure possible. This method results to lower energy consumption by 60% compared to the energy that would be consumed if we watered our vineyards through the water supply network of the area.
Another goal of ours is the appliance of the least crop payment possible and to avoid any unnecessary fertilisers. For that reason, for more than 20 years, at Domaine Hatzimichalis we chose techniques like the green manur to take care of the vineyards. Green manur is part of the organic fertilizer which aims at the enhancement of the ground in which the vine stocks will flourish. According to this technique, after the pruning, the parts that have been cut are put back on the ground of the vineyards, biodegrade and help keep the vine stocks strong and healthy. Green manur normally requires a great amount of water but applying it during the winter when precipitation is high, we attain a very low water consumption.

Finally, our philosophy establishes full respect to the nature which hosts our Greek and international grape varieties. No fencing or toxic chemicals are applied to the vineyards which would lead to the limitation of animal habitats. Therefore, visitors to our area under cultivation in Atalanti Valley are fortunate to appreciate the view of 220 ha of privately owned vineyards along with the beautiful local flora and fauna.

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