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Our Estate

Dimitris Hatzimichalis is the founder and Managing Director of Domaine Hatzimichalis, located in Atalanti Valley of Central Greece. At the age of 19, Dimitris made his first wine in his house yard and later continued his passion with functioning a small wine press in the premises of his family business and studying the history of wine.

His love for vine and wine culture, inspired him to buy his first 9 hectares in Atalanti Valley in 1973. The selection of this land was based on the unique microclimate that exists in the area. The cool breezes of Mount Parnassus and the Sea aura of the Eubean gulf meet and form an ideal ecosystem for the growing of wine grape vines, acting like a natural air-conditioning. These characteristics along with the viticulture tradition of Atalanti, convinced him to invest in this land and fulfill his dreams.

The story behind the turkey..

The first years, were not easy and Dimitris maintained a turkey farm which helped him support his vineyards expenses. The turkeys were imported from Canada and became available in lots of Greek homes during Christmas time. With the belief that vineyards require a lot of care to be fruitful, he invested all the money he earned from the turkeys’ breeding and selling in them. The turkey has since then been our logo and has been proudly displayed on all our wine labels.

From the very beginning, Dimitris wanted to lay the foundation for a well structured business. After various and methodical studies, he decided on the ideal varieties that he would cultivate in his vineyards. He decided to invest in the best machines and infrastructure for the wine production and staff the winery with passionate professionals of the wine industry. Since the very first harvest of 1974 and up to today, the harvest is performed by the same ladies along with new entries year by year. This was a deliberate choice. We are all aware of how caring, patient and tender Greek women are in everything that they do. Therefore, they are the only ones that Domaine Hatzimichalis trusts to reap the rewards of his hard work be certain that they will take care of the vineyards with the same motherly care they show to their children.

It was in the early 80’s when a batch of 1000 bottles of high quality Cabernet Sauvignon astounded the Greek wine industry. A decade later, the quality of the Domaine Hatzimichalis wines was recognized globally earning a number of international awards. Since then, Domaine Hatzimichalis is continuously improving, respecting Dimitris moto to create better wine in an ecosystem supporting local cultural and social values.

With his two sons, Leonidas and Panagiotis, passionately taking over the winery we are now talking about a family owned business. The two young men are extremely willing to keep the tradition of the family winery while expanding it in the whole world.
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